• Cautionary note
  • Cautionary note


We would like to highlight a 'Cautionary Note' to all prospective customers.

  • Elektromag is the only Company that has a Continuous Coil Anodising Line in India for manufacture of Anodised Aluminium Strips for Electromagnet Coils.
  • No other Organisation in India has a Coil Anodising Line or Technology. Any such claims are fake. Some unscrupulous, dishonest competitors are making false claims that they are manufacturing Magnets with Anodised Aluminium Coils. When a few such Magnets have been opened for repairs, it has been found that the Coil is not of Anodised Aluminium but of conventional Fibreglass covered Aluminium. Customers who believe such Competitors, are attracted by a very low price and are getting cheated.
  • Checklist if the Competitor is actually supplying Anodised Aluminium Coils:-
    • Visit the Competitor's Factory and verify personally if they have an Anodising Line in place. Check if the competitor's facility is ISO 9001 certified for the manufacture of Anodized Aluminium Strip.
    • Visit Elektromag premises and see a real Coil Anodising Line working and the level of technology employed. Elektromag is ISO 9001 Certified for manufacture of Anodized Aluminium Strips. The Certificate is available on Elektrofol website. Please click here to view.
    • See if the Competitor has the appropriate facilities for Winding the Coil, Joining and Coil Termination of Anodised Aluminium. Special Tools and Technology are needed for this purpose and can be demonstrated at the Elektromag Factory.
    • See if the Competitor has Test Equipment for measuring the Film Thickness of Anodising,Breakdown Voltage, etc.

Elektrofol History

  • Anodising Line in service since 2017.
  • Several hundred tons of Aluminium have been anodised.
  • Over 700 Lifting Magnets and Magnetic Separators have been made with Anodised Aluminium by Elektromag. Out of these, nearly 300 Magnets have been exported to different parts of the world.
  • About 35 Magnets of assorted brands have been repaired and conventional Aluminium and Copper Coils have been replaced with Anodised Aluminium Coils.